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MAKE Medieval Palette for Eyes and Lips

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Birchbox Breakdown

This bold palette draws inspiration from the colors of medieval paintings, yet its sleek design feels totally contemporary. Created in collaboration with hip British designer Faye Toogood, the versatile set includes four matte eye shadows and four bold and creamy lip colors.

How to Use

Ideal for a hectic lifestyle, the nifty compact stays tidy in your purse. The no-fuss formulas are easy to apply. Using your finger or a makeup brush, glide the shadow onto your lids and dab the lip color onto your lips. Mix, match, and layer for an endless number of looks.

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Can't Rave Enough

This is a lovely palette. Though it has no mirror, the colors more than make up for this. The sizes of the pans are huge, the back of the package tells you what shade you're using, and the shades really work well together and individually. This is one of the few that I carry with me.

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Great palette!

I have very light skin and favor a more natural look, so I was worried this palette would be too outrageous for me. Instead, I've found that these colors provide an elegantly dramatic look that isn't over the top. It's become my go-to for nights out! The shadows are matte and long-lasting, and the lip colors are a perfect complement.

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