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Take your blush application to the next level with the JAPONESQUE® Travel Size Mineral Blush Brush.


Birchbox Breakdown

“Small but mighty” is the perfect way to describe this packs-a-punch powder brush. While the length makes it portable enough to stash in your daintiest evening bag, the generously proportioned brush head makes it fit for any task, from dusting on a translucent powder to applying mineral bronzer to your cheeks. Watch out—it just might replace your full-size tools.

How it Works

This travel-size brush is ideal for applying loose powders to the face and body, including translucent, mineral, and bronzing formulas. The perfectly sized brush head dispenses an even dusting of powder over skin, while the petite size makes it easy to take with you anywhere.

How to Use

Gently swirl brush head in a thin layer of loose powder. Dust over cheeks, face, or body.

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