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To avoid looking too matte and powdered, try a dab of Manna Kadar Cosmetics sheer glo shimmer lotion, which will enhance the highlighting shades.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Gold Digger Contouring Palette

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Once upon a time, contouring seemed like a mystifying art reserved for professional makeup artists and the Kardashian sisters. But with this easy-to-use eight-shade set from Manna Kadar, anyone can unlock the secret to looking red carpet-ready. And since the brand’s mantra is “beauty simplified,” we really do mean anyone.

How to Use

Using a fluffy blush brush, dust darker shades into the hollows of cheekbones, temples, the sides of the nose, and around the jawline. Apply highlighting shades to the areas where light hits, such as the tops of cheekbones, center of the nose, and forehead. Finish off with a blush color on the apples of cheeks.

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Too much glitter/shimmer, not enough matte

I was so excited to get this, but quickly disappointed after I swatched all the colors. Although the description says a matte bronzer is included, it's not really matte, it definitely has a shimmer to it. When I contour with bronzers I like them to be completely matte. I don't really like a completely shimmer all over face look. So, I can't really use the browns for contouring, which was disappointing. I do like the colors, just not for contouring. The only true matte color is the rose blush, all the others have either actual glitter or shimmer to them. The only color I didn't like was the brown on the lower right, it has large glitter in it. Not really a day-to-day palette, more of a get dressed up with glitter and shimmer palette. So, overall I like the colors of this palette, it's just not very versatile, so basically for nights out only. Or the shimmering browns could be used for eyeshadows, but as contour, I don't think it works.

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I gave this product four starts out of five because I felt as if some of the bronzers were a bit on the orange side instead of a more natural color. But there were only 1.5 like that because there was one that was almost a natural color, but had a bit of orange tone to it. Other than that the product was amazing.!

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