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Men In Cities Wallet - Black Men In Cities Wallet - Grey

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Looking for more accessory upgrades that are noticeable and compliment-worthy but nowhere near gaudy? Try Men In Cities two-tone woven belt.

Men In Cities

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Birchbox Breakdown

If you’re a wallet-in-the-back-pocket type of guy and you find yourself sitting like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it’s likely because your carry-all has been carb-loading. Or at least saving its Olive Garden receipts a little too long. This supple leather cardholder makes more sense for the slim, aerodynamic—and, frankly, Mediterranean—cut of men’s pants these days.

How it Works

With two horizontal side credit card slots and a money sleeve in the center, this vegan leather wallet leaves both your conscience and your silhouette looking clean. The soft leather and tight stitching make for a minimal but luxurious pocket companion.

How to Use

Throw out those grocery discount cards, toss out those receipts, and enjoy a lighter load.

Soft vegan leather

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Simple is better

I went with this wallet, because I too have fallen for having a overstuffed wallet that just had too much stuff in it! This thing is crisp and clean. It has everything you need in it and doesn't have that clunky feel like my old wallet.

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Very nice little wallet

Card pocket on either side of the central pocket can hold 2 cards each fairly comfortably. and the central pocket can keep a good amount of cash before getting bulgy.

Leather looks beautiful. I'm sure it will age very well. My only concern is that the side seams appear to have been sealed with a liquid vinyl, so I have concerns about how the edges will age/if it will start to fray.

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Slim and Convenient

I've been experimenting with slim wallets after rocking a super thick billfold for too many years. This wallet has been almost perfect, easy access to any card's that I need (I can fit 6 comfortably: id, credit, debit, health insurance, metro, coffeeshop rewards).

My only issue, and it is a little one, is that the middle pocket isn't quite wide enough to easily fit your fingers into to pull out individual bills. I usually just end up pulling out a wad of bills.

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ID Card Holder

I bought one of these to carry my work ID and metrocard instead of fishing through my purse every time. I love it, except I find it so handy that I want to stuff it more stuff but alas, it won't fit.

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