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Editor's Tip Editor's Tip

Your sweet treats need a way to travel: Get the Meri Meri Treat Gift Bags.

Meri Meri Little Garden Treat Kit

$12.95 Ships Free
18 tags in 3 designs

Availability: Out of stock


Birchbox Breakdown

Give your homemade treats the chance to be as well accessorized as you are with this kit from the party pros at Meri Meri. Mix and match tags with fun messages with the included twine to create a gift package as delightful to receive as the gift itself.

How to Use

This kit includes 18 decorative tags made of natural cardstock in three different brightly colored styles and two types of twine to tie everything together.

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Product Reviews & Sample Feedback

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Ummm..Really people?

I read the reviews before buying and now I'm looking at what I received saying--Really? Trust me, you can make better tags with a marker and brown paper.
First, one of the tags (see upper right hand side" reflects a "Christmas" feel " stating "naughty but nice." but its such a light/bright weird neon green you can't see what the words says unless you hold it close to your eyes and rotate it so the light catches it right. Esthetically, its very unpleasant and annoying.
Also, you get a TINEY bit of white and ORANGE twine--for what season/holiday? I actually saved the twin that came on the outside of the box to "hold" it together (for presentation) and it was more then on the tiny cardboard "spindle" provided inside.
Its my own fault I didn't catch that the twine was Orange and not red (which would cover many holidays--I don't know any holidays that are neon green and orange other than maybe Halloween, which is a stretch, and the words don't anyway--its useless) Further, neither twine matches or contrasts the colored lettering on the brown tags, so it doesn't really look like any holiday. Other than the "pinkish-red" tags (lower right, you maybe able to get away with Valentines day with the white twine) they really are not useable, further, the tags are banded together with a silicon band-so they come out curved/bent. The presentation of the items are very nice--but YOUR presentation with the tags and bags will be awkward because lime green and orange (or white) don't match anything. I say--skip this and make your own--your presentation can ONLY be better--if you are able to make homemade treats--they you will be 300% further in your ability to make tags, which makes this box useless--anyone that can cook is crafty enough to make a tag and go to the dollar store to get 20 cellophane bags for $1. Very disappointed--but I only have myself to blame:(

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Super fun

These are a great way to keep organized, but look fun doing it!! I use these all over the place

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Super cute!

I received it today, and I have so many plans for using these cute little tags. I intend to use them for gifts I will give for my relatives. Great gift tags!

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These are so cute!!!

My family makes fun of me every year at Christmas when they get there perfectly wrapped gifts but I believe presentation is everything. I love these.

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Presentation is everything :)

I love my goody tags. I've seen them done before, but I just didn't have the time to make them myself. Now I can spend the time on the cookies and them look like a little gift!

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