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Whether you’re headed north, south, east, or west, you won’t want to show up at your destination without a few cold ones. Grab Meriwether of Montana’s classy wooden Six Pack Carrier to tote your refreshments.

Birchbox Breakdown

There’s nothing more rugged and functional than a well-made compass. This grade-AA 20mm button compass was handcrafted in a shop in Western Montana, and it’s pretty much the best button compass you can buy with honest money. Small and sleek, consider it the functional wooden counterpart to your iPod Nano.

How it Works

With a user-friendly luminous dial, your adventures with navigation can continue long after nightfall. Perhaps as expected, it works at temperatures as low as -20° F and as high as 120° F. That means you can take on the badlands of Barstow, CA, in July and the wooly tundra of Pontiac, MI, in January without losing your way home.

How to Use

Make it an essential, potentially mission-critical component of your go bag or survival kit. Or use it as an awe-inspiring keychain.

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