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Not sure which conditioning treatment to use? We love Miss Jessie's® Original Super Sweetback Treatment.

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Birchbox Breakdown

Sometimes wrangling our curls seems so challenging, we wish we could send our locks to hair obedience school. Luckily, Miss Jessie’s (aka the curl-whisperer) trains hair to behave itself. Exhibit A: This gentle wide-toothed comb. Use it to thoroughly detangle kinked strands while minimizing breakage (the main cause of frizz) and keeping your ringlets intact. Get it for free (worth $6) when you buy any full-size Miss Jessie’s® Original product.

How to Use

This Detangling Comb is great to use in conjunction with your favorite Miss Jessie’s conditioning treatment. After letting the treatment sit, rinse most of it out, and then gently run this comb through your hair, detangling section by section. Follow with your favorite styling product. Tip: After 10 uses, care for your comb by washing it in warm water and detergent.

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