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For a workout-friendly alternative, check out the Mizu M8 bottle, which is sport-cap compatible and specialized for cold liquids.

Mizu V8 Water Bottle

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800 ml/ 27 oz



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Pairing cutting-edge style with rugged versatility, this bottle can quench your thirst in both the sweltering height of summer and the freezing depths of winter. Stainless steel construction and vacuum-sealed walls keep your beverages cold (or hot) for hours, while a sleek and simple aesthetic ensures it never looks out of place.

How to Use

Load up this bottle with your beverage of choice (be it ice-cold water or bourbon hot chocolate) and screw on the cap for transport. Thanks to its vacuum-sealed double walls, this vessel will keep liquids hot for up to 12 hours, or cold for up to 18 hours.

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I'm utterly obsessed.

No joke ever since I got this water bottle, I've been drinking almost a gallon of water every day. I put ice in it at 10 am and it will still have ice at 2 pm. Even after a few refills. It's amazing. I actually forgot the bottle this morning(and was so depressed, that's how much I adore this thing), and the green tea inside was STILL cold when I got home 8 hours later. I haven't tried any hot liquids yet so I can't say for certain that it keeps drinks hot or not. I honestly expected this thing to be bigger since its 27 oz but its actually the perfect size. Not to bulky or heavy. Long story short I am so glad I decided to buy this! Not only has it increased my daily water intake, but its perfect for taking to the gym(I don't have to worry about refilling it a million times at the water fountain), and has a beautiful design. I got the army green color and I love the soft finish on the outside.

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LOVE this HUGE Thermous

This is big and it literally keeps ice from melting for 8 hours!!! OMG amazing insulation in the thing, recommend 100% to everyone!!!

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Love, Love, Love

Sooo I stole this from my hubby's box and I love. The water stays cold and it doesn't get smelly after a lot of use. There is not a strong metallic taste either. Highly recommend.

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Lovely Stainless Steel Bottle

This bottle is awesome and amazing and hands down the best I have ever tried (in reality the only I have tried!) It keeps beverages cool all day long!

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Amazing bottle

Keeps water cold for an amazing amount of time. I left cold water in the bottle yesterday and took my car in for service. I left it on the front seat in 87 degree weather. They had my car for almost five hours. They forgot I was waiting and they parked my car in direct sun for another 30 minutes till I got my car back. The bottle was in direct sunlight. I grabbed the bottle and it was very hot to the touch. The bottle had no sweat on it and happily as I opened the bottle the water was still ice cold! This thing is amazing!!!!!

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