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It’s hard to pick a polish color—so why settle on just one? Try layering this sheer sparkle over a bright but coordinated shade like Deborah Lippmann Break 4 Love.

Deborah Lippmann

Birchbox Breakdown

With a swipe of this shimmery polish, life suddenly seems a whole lot rosier. With its classic hue and lustrous sheen, it gives nails an eye-catching—but not overwhelming—sparkle. And add layering it over an opaque polish results in a dreamily elegant finish—and a whole new shade.

How it Works

The high-performance polish dries to a light pink base with a twinkling finish, and goes on smoothly to prevent ridges. Even better, it’s made without toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, and potentially harmful ingredients (as are all of Lippmann’s polishes).

How to Use

Start with a base coat, then layer on at least two coats of the polish (or, if you’d start with another color, then top with a layer of this one for a multidimensional shimmer). End with a top coat to keep color from chipping.

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a little too sparkly

I love this brand but this color is too sparkly. it looks like a princess color rather than a chic neutral. also i recommend using a base coat to prevent peeling.

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Nice Layer

I left 2-star ratings for the solid Lippmann colors I ordered, but this one deserved an extra star because, unlike my cheaper Essies, this color adds a nice, subtle sparkle when layered over other colors (I've used it with Tip Toe through the Tulips and an Essie Sand Tropez color). It's definitely too subtle to wear on its own unless you want to use what is the price equivalent of liquid gold for no noticeable effect. Nothing special to say about the consistency, application, or staying power.

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