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Get a free consult from a model/designer on your next mani pattern: Scoop up the [ncLA Isabel Adrian] wraps, made in collaboration with the Swedish fashionista herself.


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  • Includes: 26 ultrathin self-adhesive nail wraps, ncLA nail file   
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Birchbox Breakdown

Our wardrobe has its share of prints both timeless and trendy. With these self-adhesive wraps, our nails can now be proudly patterned too—in classic designs we could never, ever manage even with a boxful of nail art pens. What’s more, the stick-on wraps are remarkably easy to apply—just follow the simple instructions included in the kit.

How to Use

Not to worry—this kit has step-by-step instructions inside. Prime nails with a clear base coat and let dry. Next, press the wrap into each nail, starting at the cuticle and smoothing out in the direction of the tip to eliminate bubbles. If excess nail wrap sticks out from the tip, file it away using the included nail file. To seal the wrap for longer wear, finish with a clear top coat.


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Easy to apply and long lasting

I absolutely LOVED the plaid patterns. I had painted the borders of my nails the same color as the background color on the nail wrap which helped conceal where the pattern ended and my nail began. That way if it was a little off center it wasn't obvious.

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Great Nail Wraps

These are a great product. I bought them and was apprehensive because of other brands I have purchased before that lifted and came off in a couple days. But since it was a brand I had never used before thought I would give it a shot. They have been on my nails a week now and look just as good now as when I put them on last week. Have completely stayed on without any of the pulling up or popping off. Already went back and have bought more from this company. Real quality product.

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Pizzo design

I've tried other nail wraps before such as Jamberry, so I thought this would be a nice way to try some from BB. I got the pizzo design for a wedding, and really loved the way they looked; however, they were much more difficult to put on than other wraps I've tried. It was hard to smooth out the wrap once it was on my nail, and I ended up using more than I anticipated trying to fix the first set. Unless you're an expert nail wrapper, I wouldn't recommend these.

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