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NCLA Nailing Hollywood - Stephanie's Galaxy NCLA Nailing Hollywood - Orbit Ring

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Seal the deal on your new manicure with NCLA’s I Like It On Top Luxury Nail Lacquer Finish.


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  • Includes: 26 ultrathin self-adhesive nail wraps, ncLA nail file   
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Birchbox Breakdown

What’s better than a quick-drying salon manicure? A mani that requires no drying time at all. With these self-adhesive nail wraps, you can score a boldly colorful, mess-free nail look in minutes. Created by a team of top-notch celebrity nail stylists, these trendy and vibrant patterns are sure to impress. Better yet, the stick-on wraps are remarkably easy to apply—just follow the simple instructions included in the kit.

How to Use

This kit contains 26 self-adhesive nail wraps (enough for two manicures, give or take a few extras) and an ncLA nail file. The wraps come in varying sizes so you can pick the ones that best fit your nails. Flash Fete is an abalone-shell print with iridescent shimmer. Fowl Play mixes blue and green peacock feathers with edgy snakeskin patterns. Orbit Ring features solid-colored wraps—half pastel pink, half mint green—with black borders. And Stephanie’s Galaxy is a starry depiction of outer space. Visual learner? Check out our step-by-step nail wrap tutorial.

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Awesome as an accent nail!

I will start off by saying these NCLA nail wraps are the first I have ever used so I did get some bumps and bubbles in the wraps. But aside from me having some difficulty applying them they were pretty easy to use and the flash fette nail design looks amazing as an accent nail. I will be ordering more soon they are just a little bit pricey and I know there are cheaper brands out on the market but I do like the quality of these. I also like how they give you the nail file in the package. Overall, I am really pleased with the quality and I will be purchasing other designs. These are a great way to make your manicure look awesome!

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Easy to use

Easy to apply and go on with your day. Also very lovely and extravagant.

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Stephanie's Galaxy

I have used a lot of nail wraps/stickers and these are by far the WORST. The galaxy print looks awful, and they were very difficult to apply. $3 drugstore nail wraps are much better. Don't waste your money.

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Loved it!!

These nail wraps come in a bunch of fun colors and patterns. They're easy to apply without the mess of polish. Oh and they last awhile! :)

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