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Editor's Tip Editor's Tip

Already using a topical treatment? Get the same matte look with OC8® Professional Mattifying Gel.

OC8® Adult Acne Treatment Gel

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1.6 oz

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Birchbox Breakdown

All throughout our awkward teen years, we comforted ourselves with the thought that pretty soon, we’d outgrow the hormonal frenzy that was causing pimples to appear at a very (unwelcome) rapid rate. Then, along came adult acne. Dreams. Squashed. Before you rush back to the harsh methods of your youth, try this gel from the skincare pros behind OC8®. Designed for adult acne, the sophisticated formula uses 7% benzoyl peroxide to vanquish blemishes and quell redness without overdrying. Bonus: With 8 hours of shine control, you’ll score a matte look that continues to elude the tween set.

How to Use

After cleansing, smooth a thin layer over face. Benzoyl peroxide can increase sun sensitivity, so follow with an oil-free sunscreen.

Active Ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide 7% Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water, DVB/Isobornyl Methacrylate/Lauryl Methacrylate Copolymer, Propylene Glycol, PEG-400, Carbomer Homopolymer, Sodium Hydroxide, Edetate Disodium

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Product Reviews & Sample Feedback

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews


I bought this for my boyfriend to use on stubborn pores and it works wonderful! They instantly diminish and the pores or pimples shrink right up before they develop any further. I highly recommend this product!

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gentle and effective

I am noticing a gradual difference and it is fabulous under makeup because it keeps my skin matte all day.

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Best thing I have tried!

I am 56 years old and have been fighting blemishes for the last year. My nose and cheeks were badly broken out. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and when that was not effective, prescribed an ointment that also did not seem to have much effect. I lived with my blemishes for almost a year. I wore heavy make up and was constantly self conscious. The blemishes were unsightly and uncomfortable. I was browsing through various products here at Birchbox and ran across the skin treatment products. After reading about each of them I chose to try OC8. This product, OC8 Adult Acne Treatment Gel, was easy to use, gave my face a nice clean matte appearance, and best of all cleared up my skin. In less than a week there was remarkable clearing of my skin and by one and a half weeks my complexion was completely clear. I started out using the product on cleansed skin, three times a day, then after the first few days went to twice a day and now have been using it just in the morning. My makeup applies well over it. There was a slight amount of dry skin that I was able to rinse off using a washcloth during the first week or so. I am now in week 3 of using this product and love how my skin looks. The texture of my skin has never been better. It is smooth, looks healthy, and the residual redness from the blemishes that I was worried about is already gone. I will be purchasing this product from now on and intend to continue to use it in order to assure my skins stays this great.

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Dried my skin out horrible and stained my clothes

I have combination skin and have suffered from acne breakouts in the last few months. I tried this product and used it as a spot treatment once a day. My skin got horribly dried out. It worked well on the acne so I tried to use it every few days to see if it would work for me, but it was a no-go.

I also realized after I did laundry that it bleached my towels, sheets, and PJs--essentially any fabric it came into contact with.

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miracle worker

I love what this does for my acne. I never used to break out so when I noticed they were becoming a recurring thing, I immediately started searching for an end-all treatment - and this is it. I usually use this every night to keep any blackheads in check, but when I notice a break out forming, I use this as a spot treatment and there's almost always a noticeable difference the day afterwards. It says that you can use it during the day, but it tends to leave a chalky residue once it's dried after you've applied it - so i don't know how it would work under makeup. I also don't really mix it with my moisturizer or any other serums I use since I'm not 100% sure how my skin would react. Also, maybe because my skin is a bit sensitive, but if I apply heavy amounts of it (like two or three layers) for more than one or two nights, it does cause my skin to peel. I'll usually just exfoliate and that takes care of it, but that might be troublesome/worrisome for other people. Other than that, it really does it's job and I see results right away.

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