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Birchbox Breakdown

From our morning meetings to our evening SoulCycle classes, our schedules are invariably packed. When we don’t have time to hop in the shower, we rely on this spray-on dry shampoo. Perfect for all hair colors, the invisible mist is infused with hand-harvested ojon oil to reverse signs of hair damage. The fast-acting formula is also made with cleansing Soap Bark Tree Extract to purge strands of excess oil, leaving hair fresh and bouncy. For a limited time, you can score a travel-size of Ojon full detox™ Rub-Out™ Dry Cleansing Spray with any full-size Ojon purchase.

How it Works

Get a travel-size bottle of Ojon full detox™ Rub-Out™ Dry Cleansing Spray with your purchase of any full-size Ojon purchase. After trying your travel-size, make sure to pick up the full-size version. Limit one per cart. Cannot be combined with other offers. In order to return a purchase including this item, orders must be returned in their entirety.

How to Use

Shake vigorously and hold the canister several inches away from your head. Mist evenly onto scalp, focusing on particularly oily spots. Gently massage and brush through hair to distribute.

Please contact Customer Service (877) 487-7272 for ingredients.

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