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To further treat and protect your hair, use Ojon rare blend™ Deep Conditioner.

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We find this protective styling spray more mesmerizing than a Ryan Gosling movie marathon. Made with a potent combination of healing plant oils, it repairs all our hair woes and guards the dulling effects of heat styling. It only takes a light mist to smooth down flyaways and long-term use will heal and protect your locks from further damage.

How it Works

Harvested from the Ojon tree in the tropical rainforests of Central America, Ojon™ oil is part of a 500-year-old beauty tradition. It heals damaged follicles by providing essential lipids found naturally in healthy, unprocessed hair. A blend of seven other rare oils sourced from Tahiti and the Kalahari Desert in Africa infuses hair with powerful antioxidants, proteins, and minerals. Ginseng, lemon, and honey instantly revitalize and also give the healing formula a refreshing, light scent.

How to Use

Spray evenly through towel dried hair. Using a wide-toothed comb or your fingers, gently work the product through hair from root to tip. Style as usual.

Please contact Customer Service (877) 487-7272 for ingredients.

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After using it almost daily for a month, I saw no improvement in my hair health and it actually seemed to dry my hair out. I loved the smell, though, and many people like this product, it just did not suit my thin, wavy, dyed strands.

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Good for nighttime

I was weary at first because I have very limp hair and anything extra weighs my hair down. This doesn't weigh my hair down, but because I have been burned so many times by competitor brands, I still do not completely trust it on my hair. I do not think I would buy it again only because I'm not sure that it did my hair any good.

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Best treatment!

I ordered this as a secondary product to the Ojon serum, but it turns out I love it more. My hair no only feels softer, but it shines more and is less frizzy than before I used the product. Also leaves a great, subtle scent, and doesn't leave my hair feeling heavy or oily.

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It's nice :)

So it's getting pretty humid down here in Florida, so this sample was very nicely timed. I put i drop in my hands, ran it through my hair, and put my hair in a bun for a bit. When I took my hair down it was smooth and shiny. Definitely a good product. Still, I feel like I've had identical results with much cheaper brands, and I'm personally not too crazy about the citrus smell.

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