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To tame any stray flyaways that pop up throughout the day, smooth on a few drops of Ojon’s damage reverse™ Instant Restorative Hair Serum.

Birchbox Breakdown

When it comes to volume, we say, the bigger, the better. Only, it isn’t the poofy 80’s impersonator look we’re after—it’s starlet-style bouncy locks with oodles of shine and flexible movement. We get the look with this two-in-one spray, which helps hair look thicker and fuller while keeping styles in place. It’s formulated with a mix of botanical oils that work to amplify the diameter of each strand. Unlike traditional hairsprays, the light mist isn’t the least bit sticky and leaves hair super soft. Designed specifically for fine hair, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to keep their strands from falling flat.

How it Works

This lightweight flexible hold spray is loaded with ojon oil, which is sourced from Central American rain forests and rich in antioxidants and essential lipids that sink into strands to make them visibly fuller. Other powerhouse ingredients include moisturizing jojoba oil and fortifying wheat protein.

How to Use

After styling your hair, mist lightly while holding the can a few inches away from your head.

Please contact Customer Service (877) 487-7272 for ingredients.

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Great hair spray for fine, limp, hair

A must have hair spray for anyone with baby fine, thin, limp hair. Without this spray, I would not be able to style my hair. It holds like no other hair spray I have ever tried....and I have tried many.

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Don't recommend

I am not sure if the product is good because the sprayer doesn't work. I thought it was clogged so I have tried running hot water over it but I still can't get it to spray.....only comes out in a stream. I should send it back but it's such a hassle :'(

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