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On the road, we rely on Olìe Biologique’s trio of travel-friendly, spritz-on face oils.

Olie Biologique Huile Claire 006 Calming Oil

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Birchbox Breakdown

This chic French brand’s name may be hard to pronounce (“oh-LEE bee-oh-loh-ZHEEK"), but it’s easy to fall in love with their eco-savvy face and body serums. Formulated with a winning roster of 100 percent USDA-certified organic oils and vitamin E, the lightweight but nourishing formula works wonders on sensitive skin. A couple drops calms irritation and protects against environmental damage.

How to Use

Massage 4 to 5 drops into slightly damp skin on face and body. The oil absorbs quickly, infusing your skin with moisture from the inside out. You can also use it to soften your cuticles or add shine to hair —just remember that a little goes a long way.

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Most Helpful Customer Review

Awful packaging

The bad first: for the price that this retails at, I'm pretty irritated with the packaging. My bottle arrived dinged up and filthy (how long has Birchbox had these bottles in the warehouse? Based on the layer of dirt on my bottle, I'd guess a minimum of a year), which worries me due to concerns about how long a product like this can keep. Also irritating is the fact that the white rubber on the cap has greyed with age, which ruins the aesthetics of the packaging. Final gripe: I'm fairly sure my bottle is missing a bit of product, as it seems suspiciously empty relative to its size. Never having used this product before, though, I can't be sure.

The jury's still out on this product's efficacy — I just received my bottle today, and am waiting to see how it works now that the weather is getting colder and my skin is thirstier. For now, it seems like an ok, if rather overpriced, oil.

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