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Looking for an even bolder print? Scoop up Olivia Pratt’s Tula Watch, with a graphic face tempered by an elegant black band.

Olivia Pratt Metallic Moroccan Watch

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Birchbox Breakdown

It’s hard to find time to visit everywhere (or anywhere) on our dream-vacation list: Fiji, Morocco, Iceland, Croatia, Portugal… But with this watch’s Moroccan motif, we take a second for a mini-escape whenever we check the time. We like to think of it as souvenir from our well-traveled future.

How to Use

A white-and-black, Moroccan-inspired print adorn’s this watch’s slightly oversize face, while its genuine leather band is sleek silver.

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It keeps time...

I ordered this watch with my points and I am super glad that I didn't actually spend the $40 outright to purchase it. The band feels extremely cheap and I'm not sure how long it will last; certainly not as long as a regular watch band. Also, the picture makes it look like it's grey, but it is definitely silver, so it's metallic. I actually had to return the original watch I was sent and have a new one shipped because the original watch's hands were not properly aligned. 12:00 was almost where 1:00 should have been. Worth noting, the dial is rather wonky, so be careful when you're setting the time. Overall, I was very disappointed in the watch. There are several other watches that BB sells that are way better that I LOVE. (I've gotten a couple of those, too!)

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Extremely Poor Quality

Got this watch as a bonus gift and am glad that I didn't spend any actual money on it. I do wish I had chosen a different one though :( The band looks and feels like it is made out of silver spray painted cardboard and when attempting to put it on it looks like it might break in half. I dont expect the band to last very long. The watch face is pretty, and it does look nice once it is actually on, but I definitely would not suggest anyone spend any actual money on this item. NOT worth the $40 price tag.

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Buyer Beware

Received this watch as part of a bonus shop exclusive gift. So glad I didn't actually pay for it. The glass on the watch face was cracked so I had to return. But beyond that there is NO way the band is leather. It is cheap metallic vinyl over a pleather band. The "metallic" cracked after buckling it one time. The mechanism is very poor quality and I don't expect the watch yo last very long. Will never purchase anything from thus brand.

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