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Keep this travel-friendly bottle in your purse, and grab the larger 1.7 oz size to store on your vanity.

Oscar de la Renta live in love purse spray

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3 sprays at 0.4 fl. oz each

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Birchbox Breakdown

Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta knows what women want. In addition to designing dreamy dresses, this sartorial pioneer has perfected the art of fragrance. Featuring lovely notes like jasmine sambac, rose, ginger orchid, and amber, this modern-meets-classic scent is one of our purse staples.

How to Use

Lightly spritz this fragrance onto your wrists, neck, and behind the ears.

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Most Helpful Customer Review

A floral perfume with some mystique

This is a rather refreshing, green and flowery fragrance which doesn't last quite as long as I'd have liked it to. Lots of hyacinth and lily (i think?) which I usually end up hating but those notes seem to dissipate after a short while, turning into a rather floral musk that ends up smelling quite sexy and, dare I say it, expensive!
Although, I don't think this is a very unique fragrance, I still think it's a nice one to "play it safe". And perfect in the warmer Spring and Summer months which seems to make the perfume melt into the skin better, thus lending a more alluring essence over all!

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