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To give your memos and missives the same rugged bearing, pick up a matching set of Art of Manliness Stationery.

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Birchbox Breakdown

Here’s a bit of manly advice: When nursing a drink at a cocktail party, make sure to use a coaster. Any old paper will do of course, but if you’re looking to channel your inner Bogart, these rugged-and-ready coasters will certainly set the tone. Designed in collaboration with The Art of Manliness, each cardstock coaster is hand-printed on antique presses, for a vintage aesthetic to match your classic tipple.

How it Works

Each set contains 15 coasters, made with ultra-thick coaster stock to prevent unwanted bleed-through. Two strapping designs—“Down the Hatch” and “Drink Up, Man Up”—provide ample options for your next whiskey-fueled shindig.

How to Use

Whenever possible, reserve these coasters for bitter stouts, single-malt scotches, and any liquor over 80 proof. That said, they’re thick enough to support most any beverage.

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