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Innovative trimming shouldn’t end with your beard zone—pair with Panasonic’s Nose, Ear, and Hair Trimmer Wet/Dry for a well-rounded routine.

Panasonic Arc5 5-Blade Shaver with Shaving Sensor

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Birchbox Breakdown

For guys who prefer cutting-edge tech for their daily shave, this five-blade system is ideal. Here’s a list of just some of its space-age features: ultra-sharp Nanotech™ blades, a shaving sensor that adapts to your beard density, a linear motor to maximize battery life, an LCD display, and a flexible head. Talk about an upgrade.

How to Use

This razor can be used on wet or dry whiskers, so feel free to take it in the shower for added convenience. It’s easy to wash, thanks to a sonic vibration cleaning mode, and even includes a pop-up trimmer and travel pouch.

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