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For a more eclectic vibe, try Pink Pewter’s Gloria Headband.

Birchbox Breakdown

We used to associate headbands with sweaty gym sessions, but lately we’ve realized they can do more than just keep our hair under wraps. Reminiscent of a daisy chain, this chic accessory gives us an easy way to look like we’re trying hard (even when we’re not). The bohemian-inspired design goes well with a variety of styles—from loose waves to post-workout buns. We’re not surprised that it’s been spotted on celebs like Carrie Underwood.

How it Works

Each glittery rhinestone is surrounded by a circle of bronze beads. The black velvet backing ensures that your hair won’t get snagged or crimped while you wear it, and the strong elastic cord helps the headband stay snugly in place.

How to Use

Adjust the headband until it’s resting just above your hairline, or wear it stretched across your forehead for a laidback, bohemian look.

Elastic cord, velvet backing, metal bead, Large crystal stones

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Chic and comfy

Finally, an adult hair band that I can wear - it's really cute and the velvet-lines attachment feels so comfortable that it does not press my temples like other head bands I have worn in the past. There is enough neutral and sparkles in the design that I can wear it to both casual and nicer occasions. :D

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This headband is adorable!

This headband is so cute. It does a great job of staying in place. Be careful about how much you stretch the band. My band snapped and broke.

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