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To keep skin extra satiny, follow up with a nourishing moisturizer like AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion.

Birchbox Breakdown

For insta-Zen, there’s nothing like taking a long, hot bath. Whether you’re a bath junkie or a once-in-a-while soaker, you’ll want to keep these dreamy salts near your tub. They’re aromatic without being overpowering, and both soften and tone your skin while you unplug. If you’re not already a bath lover, these are sure to make you a convert.

How it Works

This blend of mineral-rich Dead Sea salts and essential oils dissolves in hot water to create a silky soak. The spicy Cedarwood scent is incredibly relaxing, while the invigorating Mandarin orange helps spur circulation.

How to Use

Dissolve the entire pack of salts in warm to very warm bath water (approximately 95 to 103 degrees). Settle in with your favorite magazine or book (or Kindle!) for twenty minutes. Shower off and pat skin dry.

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