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This German-made tech toy will make you the most popular party guest.

Pokket Mixer

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In this age of smart phones, anyone can put on an impromptu dance party using his or her mobile music collection. But few can actually pull this off with panache. A small, but invaluable, upgrade for any living room dance party is the German-made Pokket Mixer, which transforms amateur DJ’s into polished practitioners. With inputs for two music sources, you can mix, crossfade, and equalize dance tracks with just a few simple knob turns. The result is seamless transitions between tracks—and no party-killing transitional silences.

How to Use

Plug in two iPods or laptops (any music-playing device with a headphone output works), play both at once, and use the knobs to control volume and blend the two audio sources as desired.

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Looks/feels/works professional!

I am getting this for my 16 yr old brother for Christmas. From other reviews I read online, I figured this is perfect for sessions on the go. Also, this seems perfect for my young brother since he is still pretty new to playing around with music mixing and in a really experimental phase right now... Just put in in your shirt pocket and you are good for an impromptu gig! I really love that no power source is needed! Just plug in two MP3's, iPhones, laptops/computers, whatever and you have your set ready. Comes with all cables (except for the amp connection). This brand has excellent reviews and looks really professional and high quality. The knobs feel like you are working a pro-grade Pioneer DJ Mixer, great quality. The metal finish is excellent, as well. I know my brother will cherish this for many years to come.

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