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If you’re planning a barbeque dinner party that might include some fermented grape spirits, check out the Quirky Verseur, an all-in-one wine bottle opener, pouring spout, and bottle stopper.

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Mastering the art of grilling can be a tricky affair, but Quirky’s Grill Wrangler turns even the most inexperienced novices into flame-burning champions. Combining a pair of tongs, a spatula, and a fork into one does-it-all grill scepter, it’s the ultimate barbeque tool.

How it Works

The 18.5” Grill Wrangler functions as tongs, a spatula, and a fork in one. The tool is made of brushed stainless steel and wooden handles, and lets you grip, flip, and spear your food. A smooth spring mechanism provides for resistance to make the tongs easy to use, while the handles can be locked together or opened with one quick motion to create a spatula. The two-pronged fork slides safely in and out of the spatula itself.

How to Use

Assemble some good friends, get some choice veggies and quality cuts of meat, and fire up the grill. Just be sure to wash the Grill Wrangler thoroughly if you’re placing raw meat on the grill with the tongs and then using the spatula to flip cooked food.

Stainless steel, Plastic handle

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What the?

Got this for my boyfriend for a birthday gift. The darn thing was HUGE. It's too bulky to use, and it's hard to even hold in your hand. For the spatula, the tongs, and the fork thing. I am really disappointed with this product, and it just takes up space in a drawer now. Bummer.

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Versatile BBQ Tool

I purchased this as a gift for my husband since he does most of the grilling. We both liked that it combined several BBQ tools into one and it will quickly become his go-to BBQ tool. It is sturdy, a good weight and will get used often!

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