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Birchbox Breakdown

No matter how smart your phone is, there are still a few things it can’t do—like assemble Ikea furniture or open a can of soup. Because there are real world problems to solve and things you actually need to touch without a screen, the Swiss army knife still comes in handy. That all-purpose pocketknife of yore has taken a few hints from the iGeneration—the result is this cool, customizable knife from Quirky. With 18 tools that can easily be assembled or rearranged by theme, this is a Swiss army that salutes your lifestyle.

How it Works

Two aqua-colored body covers hold 18 stainless steel tools together, including classics like the Philips-head screwdriver and magnifying glass. With three interior assemblies, the Switch can group tools by small, medium, or large sizes. Tools that are not being used can be stored in a sleek accompanying case.

How to Use

Arrange tools according to your preferred axle assembly size. Using a quarter, loosen or tighten the slotted caps on each tool for disassembly or reassembly.

high quality stainless steel, with some plastic parts

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Loved this gadget!

Got this as a present for one of my husband's Christmas gifts and he loved it. Great options for your knife set!

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