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Birchbox Breakdown

When you store your earbuds in your pocket or backpack, they typically go in neatly folded like a new pair of shoelaces, but come out looking more like a ball of dried out spaghetti. This small and durable plastic contraption is designed to keep your headphones organized and detangled as they go in and out of your pocket.

How it Works

The Wrapster allows you to wrap your headphones vertically so they’re neater and flatter in your pocket. A totally sweet and unexpected extra: when not housing your earbud cords, the Wrapster works as a stand for your iPhone in landscape mode.

How to Use

Thread your earbud cords through the two separate side tubes, and wrap the main cord around the center. Slide the wrapped-up headphones into your pocket. When you want to use them again, unwrap the main cord but leave the left and right earbud cords in the side tubes.

durable plastic

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