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Keep skin hydrated all day long with the oh-so-refreshing Red Flower Ionizing Vita Flower Mist.

Red Flower Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream

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Birchbox Breakdown

This all-natural moisturizing cream is like a superfood smoothie for your face. The ingredient list is packed with a who’s who of skincare superstars: omega fatty acids, natural oils (like coconut and jojoba), and hydrating botanical extracts. These repairers work wonders on even the driest, most sensitive complexions, leaving skin renewed, supple, and radiantly healthy.

How to Use

Twice daily, apply to neck and face, including the eye area, using gentle upward strokes. Use liberally on body wherever skin is in need of deep nourishment.

water (aqua), certified organic jojoba (simmondsia chinensis) oil, coconut (cocos nucifera) oil (and) aloe (aloe barbadensis) leaf oil, vegetable wax, beeswax, apricot (prunus armeniaca) oil, certified organic honey, glycerin, avocado (persea gratissima) oil, sweet almond (prunus amygdalis dulcis) oil, cloudberry (rubus chamaemorus) seed oil, strawberry (fragaria ananassa) seed oil, birch bud (betula alba) extract, benzyl alcohol and dehydroacetic acid, vitamin e tocopherol t­50, garden mint (mentha viridis) oil, certified organic rosewood (aniba rosaedora) oil, frankincense (boswelia carterii) oil, palmarossa (cymbopogon martini) oil, rose (rosa damascena) oil, moroccan rose (rosa centifolia) oil

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Great lotion - not for face

I bought this as a face moisturizer and tried to use it that way for a week or so... bad results. This lotion is really heavy. It made my face feel really clogged up. I felt greasy after putting makeup on over it. It's great as a body cream, do NOT use as a moisturizer.

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Good winter face cream

I have very dry skin and this is definitely a good moisturizer for that. I can't tell that it has any other benefits, but it is definitely a good moisturizer without being greasy.

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Winter savior!

Helps moisturizer skin during this harsh winter, has also helped with the fine lines. Not greasy, light and creamy.

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