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Lift the Lid on This Month's Box

Hands up if you secretly love a gloomy forecast. This April, we're embracing a rainy-day mentality: Why not shut the blinds and curl up with a good book, or spend a luxurious afternoon playing with beauty samples? These products will give you plenty of inspiration.

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Lift the Lid on This Month's Box

From May Day dances to the Cherry Blossom Festival, every culture marks the start of spring with joyful merrymaking. To join the celebration, we've packed this month's box full of warm-weather staples, from the freshly scented to the brilliantly hued. That means high-flying stylers to support your spring hairdo, and citrus colognes to help you smell the part. We're also revamping your closet with seasonal apparel, like woven belts, knit ties, and well-worn cotton t-shirts for Sunday afternoons. To end with a quote from the bard himself: "April hath put a spirit of youth in everything." And we're happy to do our part.

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