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If your lashes get too long (which they might!), simply stop using RevitaLash.

RevitaLash Lash Conditioner

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Birchbox Breakdown

The original lash accelerator, this patented formula will give you longer, lusher, and altogether more enticing lashes. It's easy to use and gets undeniable results.

How to Use

Before you go to bed, apply a thin line of RevitaLash to the base of your eyelashes, the same way you would draw on eye liner. Don't overdo it and don't use more than once a day. We started to see a change after a few weeks, with the max growth coming at the six week mark.


The first 100 customers to purchase RevitaLash will also get RevitaBrow, which thickens brows using peptides plus botanicals like ginseng and saw palmetto. Simply use the wand to apply formula to wherever you want to fill in your brows — you’ll see thicker, healthier brows in just a few weeks. Value: $110.

Active Ingredients: chlorphenesin, disodium phosphate, and trifluoromethyl dechloro ethylprostenolamide

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