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To send a note for any occasion, pick up Rifle Paper Co.’s Vintage Blossoms Card Set.

Birchbox Breakdown

As kids, our moms had to force us to write thank you notes, but now that we’re a little older, we actually enjoy the process—especially since it’s an excuse for us to indulge in a slight stationery obsession. These cards from Rifle Paper Co. fit the bill: They’re classic, stylish, and make sending thank you notes a pleasure instead of a chore. Mom would be proud.

How it Works

Each of the eight cards features metallic gold foil printing and a blank interior, plus matching white envelope. Rifle Paper Co. cards are printed locally in the U.S.A.

How to Use

Whether you’re thanking relatives for gifts, a friend for hosting a dinner party, or a teacher for writing your college recommendation, these notes send your message with style and class. Don’t forget the stamp!

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Beautiful cards!

I loved these cards and immediately sent out three of them. All of the recipients commented on how pretty they were. They are pricy, but I recently went to the drugstore to buy a birthday card and I was hard pressed to find one for under $6. So these aren't that bad.

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So Chic

These colorful and chic Thank You cards are the perfect touch to send to your friends after a shower/party. They are rich in color; so very vibrant. They really pop when trying to say Thanks!

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