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To send a note for any occasion, pick up Rifle Paper Co.’s Vintage Blossoms Card Set.

Rifle Paper Co. Gold Floral Thank You Card Set

$18.00 Ships Free
Set of 8 cards: each 4 ¼ in. x 5 ½ in.

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Birchbox Breakdown

As kids, our moms had to force us to write thank you notes, but now that we’re a little older, we actually enjoy the process—especially since it’s an excuse for us to indulge in a slight stationery obsession. These cards from Rifle Paper Co. fit the bill: They’re classic, stylish, and make sending thank you notes a pleasure instead of a chore. Mom would be proud.

How to Use

Whether you’re thanking relatives for gifts, a friend for hosting a dinner party, or a teacher for writing your college recommendation, these notes send your message with style and class. Don’t forget the stamp!

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Beautiful cards!

I loved these cards and immediately sent out three of them. All of the recipients commented on how pretty they were. They are pricy, but I recently went to the drugstore to buy a birthday card and I was hard pressed to find one for under $6. So these aren't that bad.

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So Chic

These colorful and chic Thank You cards are the perfect touch to send to your friends after a shower/party. They are rich in color; so very vibrant. They really pop when trying to say Thanks!

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