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Pair this pen with Rite in the Rain’s Field Flex All-Weather Memo Book for a virtually indestructible writing duo.

Rite in the Rain – All-Weather Bullet Pen

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Open: 5.25” Closed: 3.75”

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Birchbox Breakdown

If you’re lucky enough to have a pen when you need one, make sure it’s this powerful implement. Made for the world outside of your desk drawer, it stays closed, withstands temperatures from -30° F to 250° F, works upside-down, and even writes on wet paper. Mightier than the sword, indeed.

How to Use

Don’t coop it up in a desktop caddy—this hardwearing pen begs to be stowed in pockets, knapsacks, and glove compartments, and used to chronicle life in the great wide yonder.

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