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While showering, exfoliate with Sabon’s Body Scrub —it’s great at sloughing away dead cells and will help your body lotion sink into skin.

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It’s time to ditch that massive pump bottle of drugstore lotion in favor of something more beneficial. Crafted with nourishing aromatherapy oils, Sabon’s fragrant formulas could never be mistaken for their anonymous peers. Beyond the way they soften our skin, we’re also fans of the four relaxing scents: sweet Lavender Apple, tropical Kiwi Mango, zesty Ginger Orange, and soothing Vanilla.

How it Works

Great for all skin types, the rich, creamy formula is infused with aromatherapy oils that hydrate dry skin. The calming scents are designed to help you unwind after a long, stressful day (we won’t judge if you also decide to catch an episode of Breaking Bad before bed).

How to Use

Post-shower, massage a generous amount of lotion into your skin, concentrating on rough patches like your elbows and knees. Apply as often as needed.

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Good Consistency / Hydrating / Nice Scent Line

I have been using the Ginger Orange scent for the last couple of months and really like it. The consistency is somewhere between a normal lotion and a body butter. It absorbs very quickly and a little goes a long way. I normally towel dry after I get out of the shower and then apply this all over my body (with the exception of my face). It leaves a light lingering scent that I really like and doesn't feel greasy. I would recommend their salt scrubs over the gel and lotion if you're wanting to try a single product before purchasing the entire line.

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not for me

i was really excited to get this product. however that changed when i smelled the product. the consistency is nice, but i am not able to tolerate the smell. i actually tried the mango kiwi scent also and i didn't like the scent of that one either.

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Have been using Sabon products for years! Lavender Apple is my favorite scent, goes so while with my body chemistry! The body lotion not only makes my skin look and feel beautiful, I get compliments on the way I smell. Which makes it all the more worth while.

I also suggest trying the milky soap. If you have any skin blemishes the milky soap fades them away within weeks!

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Wonderful product

I love this product! All the fragrances are good but Lavender Apple is my favorite. I use the Sorbet in Summer and this for winter. Great consistency and moisturizer!

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