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Prevention and treatment aren’t mutually exclusive. Round out your summer regimen with Sachajuan Hair After The Sun.


Birchbox Breakdown

Your hair may not burn in the heat of the sun, but that doesn’t mean it comes away unscathed. This serum serves as a sunblock for your coif, using a UV filter to shield your hair (and any artificial color) from sun-drenched devastation. With a waterproof formula, and just a touch of hold, this hardworking treatment is a savvy addition to any summer go-bag.

How to Use

After showering, pour a quarter-sized dollop into your palm, and methodically work into damp or dry hair. The product doubles as a light-hold cream, so feel free to sub it in for your daily styler. What’s more, its formula is completely water-resistant, and will remain effect through sweat and surf.

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