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Get the freedom to flatiron anywhere with the SARAHPOTEMPA Jet Setter Cordless Travel Iron.

Birchbox Breakdown

SARAHPOTEMPA’s Jet Setter Cordless Travel Iron is practically a miracle of modern styling. (Sleek, straight strands and gorgeous waves with nary an outlet in sight? We’re sold.) And this Jet Setter Car Charger allows you even more opportunity to refuel your beauty routine on the go. The patented flatiron, from a brand known for its innovative range of professional-quality styling tools, charges up as easily as cellphone and stores up to thirty minutes of battery power so it can be used anytime anywhere—just not while driving, please!

How it Works

The charger plugs into your car power source via a 12-24VDC adapter, charging the Jet Setter Cordless Travel Iron as you drive. With short circuit protection, the Car Charger is safe to use in any vehicle.

How to Use

Plug the charger in your car’s power source, and then plug the other end of the charger into the travel iron. The charger’s LED light will indicate it’s working. When the green light on the iron shows that it’s fully charged, unplug it, lock it, and place it in the heat-resistant carrying case.

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