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For double the glamorous impact, wear this piece alongside Shashi’s Maya Bracelet.

Shashi Sonia Bracelet

$60.00 Ships Free
2.25 in. diameter



Birchbox Breakdown

“The more the merrier” isn’t just a genial catchphrase. When it comes to Shashi’s gorgeous bangles, we believe there’s strength in numbers. This impossibly dainty cuff bracelet is the easiest way to give your look instant elegance. Stack it with one—no, five—more of Shashi’s creations for a completely original look.

How to Use

This slender gold-plated number is curved to fit your wrist. Choose from three shades of cord: black, blush, cobalt, and emerald.

18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cuff with an Adjustable Thread Closure

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