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Editor's Tip Editor's Tip

To maximize the effects of this luxurious mask, wash your hair with SHU UEMURA Art of Hair’s accompanying Full Shimmer Illuminating Shampoo.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Full Shimmer Illuminating Treatment

$68.00 Ships Free
200 ml

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Birchbox Breakdown

You shampoo and condition every day without fail, yet split ends and dryness seem to be your perpetual hair curse. The solution? This deep-conditioning mask from cult brand SHU UEMURA. It restores the health of your hair and scalp, and is specially formulated to reinvigorate color-treated or chemically damaged tresses.

How to Use

If your hair is fine, it’s best to use this mask once a week post-shampoo. Thick hair can use it up to once a day in place of regular conditioner. Leave in for five to ten minutes, and rinse away with warm water.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews


I am particularly disappointed because the stylist at the salon "SUPPOSEDLY used this on my hair after a recent highlighting treatment, and it worked great. The version I purchased online-from Birchbox-did not work anywhere near as well. It feels like a different product-much less rich than what was used at the salon. I'm wondering if the salon made a mistake in telling me what they were using. In any case, the "at-home" "Art of Hair" mask left my fine, not particularly damaged hair (other than 4-5 yearly highlighting sessions, I do nothing to my hair-no blow dryer, no curling irons, no hair spray), rather dry. My hair looked dull and slightly brassier after using the illuminating shampoos and mask, which is so weird, as this is not at all what happened in the salon. I am really perplexed and dismayed. Together, the shampoo and conditioner cost me roughly $140, and I feel like I would only use them again in an "I'm all out of every other shampoo/conditioner" emergency. I would not purchase either of these products again (i.e. the illuminating shampoos" or the "Art of Hair" mask). I did everything right- I applied it to damp hair, left in for 12+ minutes, rinsed in cool water....I have no idea what happened. *The only props I can give this product are for its scent, which I'm not that fond of, but which did not irritate my chemical sensitivities, which many products do. Shu Uemura must actually use mostly natural fragrance extracts in its product line. It's the synthetic stuff (the phthalates, etc) that provoke my sensitivities. So, kudos to them for that, but seriously, this product needs to be more shine & moisture enhancing.

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Better than Shampoo

I like this even better than the shampoo! I think they both did an amazing job of keeping my hair light and shiny, but this didn't take as much as the shampoo.

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My hair felt great, but strong scent.

My hair felt great after using the deep conditioning mask with the illuminating Shu Uemura shampoo.

It was smooth and shiny after using it, but I thought the musk-rose scent was a tad bit too strong. I hope that using this conditioner did not clash too much with my perfume!

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I would not buy this, because I did not notice a difference from my usual hair treatment.

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Awesome Conditioner

Just as good as the shampoo. Actually better because I had to use less product to get awesome results, so it felt like a better value. Left my hair smelling amazing, looking healthy and not a tangle in sight. Love it!

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