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Begin with Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion to gently whisk away impurities without irritating sensitive skin.

Avène Skin Recovery Cream D.E.F.I.

50 ml or 1.70 oz

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Hypersensitive skin deserves hypersensitive treatment. Soothe and hydrate extradry, irritated skin with this intensely healing cream that’s ideal for those suffering from rosacea or eczema. Rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water, it delivers incomparable calming benefits to restore skin’s balance. There’s no risk of burning, stinging or irritation—this exclusive formula contains minimal ingredients to ensure maximum tolerance.

How to Use

Apply to face and neck after cleansing.

Avene Thermal Spring Water (Avene Aqua), Mineral Oil (Paraffinumliquidum), Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, Squalane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Clycohexasiloxane, Serine, Carbomer, Tetrasodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Water (Aqua)

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My favorite moisturizer

I love this moisturizer. My skin has become super sensitive, and rejects every moisturizer I have tried, even ones by La Roche Posay (which has two for sensitive skin, and it known, like Avene, for being gentle). This moisturizer is a bit thicker than I had expected, but it absorbs nicely. My skin loves it, feels more plump and healthy than it has in a while. It reduced my redness, especially coupled with the no rinse lotion cleanser. You don't need much of this moisturizer, and the advice reviewer "Gen88" gave of press really gently until you get the hang of how much comes out the top was really helpful when I first got this product. It is now one of my baseline products, and something I can't live without, so glad I found it.

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Watch that lid

This is a high quality facial cream. Emolliative as well as moisturizing. The feeling on the skin is a little rich and creamy. However, it's mild and light, not "heavy duty." Extremely light scent, not bothersome at all.

I have Rosacea. Recently it's taken a strange turn and refused to respond to medication. Therefore I am trying Avene products. The Rosacea has not been "cured" but I also am not getting "flare-ups" - and at times the redness calms down.

Please make a note on this tube of Cream. Do not squeeze too hard, especially when you first open it! There is a gizmo on top of the lid designed to let lotion out, yet also keep air out, for the "sterility" of the product lifelong. (After all these are the people that gave us Pasteur.)

If you're not an engineer, at first glance it makes no sense. The tube might seem stuck. You squeeze, and, ugh! expensive cream all over the place.

Once you SLOWLY and GENTLY press the tube, triggering this odd mechanism the first time, the way it works will be obvious, and subsequent openings manageable.

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My daily moisturizer

This goes on smoothly and is non greasy and light. I have sensitive skin prone to breakouts and mild Rosacea. This moisturizer is mild enough for me to wear daily and has helped to calm my skin.

Read the previous reviews about the unconventional lid to save yourself from squirting out too much!

Very happy with the this prosuct

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Not the best

I really like the way this lotion feels on my skin, non greasy, soaks in fast, and doesn't make me breakout. The only problem I have is that my skin is super dry and I had to reapply a few times during the day.

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My new everyday cream

I love a thick moisturizer for my face. I have very dry and very sensitive skin. This is a great consistency and leaves my face feeling hydrated and light. Love it!

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