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Before applying the serum, prep skin with NUXE’s Melting Cleansing Gel with Rose Petals.


Birchbox Breakdown

The French have a knack for elegantly tied scarves; staying thin while still eating buttery croissants; and gorgeous, glowy skin. We can’t help with the first two, but we know a thing or two about beauty—and this rosy, silky serum, which eschews parabens and mineral oils in favor of natural, plant-based ingredients, is nothing short of skin-altering. The antiaging formula works on a cellular level to smooth wrinkles, even complexion, and improve circulation. The result: dewy, youthful skin. Oh là là!

How it Works

A patented blend of passion flower, anchusa, and poppy petals repairs the DNA of mitochondria, the tiny power plants that provide your skin’s cells with the energy to function. Calendula petals, araucaria seeds, galangal leaves, and hyaluronic acid tackle fine lines, while cocoa cells and olive leaves help balance and even skin tone. Maca root stimulates microcirculation.

How to Use

Twist the top of the bottle in a counter-clockwise direction and pump two or three times. Warm the product by rubbing your palms together, then apply to face, starting from the center and spreading out and upwards. The velvety, pink serum can be used alone (for normal or combination skin) or layered underneath a hydrating face lotion (for dry skin). Use daily, morning and night.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Nuxe Jeunesse, a love letter

what a terrific product. I'm familiar with NUXE but this little sample set me off to purchase, my first full size product from Birchbox! I have sensitive skin and have found several night regimes I like -but this little gem is for always-and anytime. It's so tempting to go to several times a day. I don't wear much make up anymore. and , JEUNESSE is perfect for keeping it looking good. The fragrance is light and fresh. It's a light formula- it just wakes up and freshens skin and gives it a dewy look. Works well with the other products I use too. It opens and closes quite snazzily too! XO

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Great results

A bit pricey but worth it. I was skeptical at first, but after using in for two weeks, I could tell a difference. A great smell and feel.

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Lovely product

I'm really getting into Nuxe. This is a nice smelling serum that is tinted a slight pink but is colorless on the skin, smooth application, no irritation and I like the twist up canister, good value for money as you get almost 2 ounces for the price of other products at 1 ounce

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Love it!!

I know it's expensive BUT this serum is really worth it as far as I'm concerned. The fragarance is delightful; light and fresh, and the consistency is very smooth and luxurious. I receive a LOT of samples, so much so that I hardly ever buy a full size of anything, I just add it to the list of samples I've liked "for when I run out of samples and staples" but this went from sample to staple within 3 uses. Great product.

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