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Mist face with Avène Thermal Spring Water to give skin some extra TLC.


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From the time that alarm clock buzzes, we’re up and running. There’s never a dull moment, and, exciting as that is, it can also take a serious toll on our skin. So when we want to treat our complexion to some well-deserved R&R, we turn to this incredibly soothing mask, which revives tired, lackluster skin in a matter of minutes. The unique, nonsetting formula penetrates deeply to banish redness and irritation while delivering intense hydration with a subtle scent.

How it Works

Avène Thermal Spring Water softens and calms stressed skin, while safflower oil intensely nourishes and glycols hydrates. This rich, hypoallergenic formula offers instant revitalization, restoring skin’s moisture barrier and giving your complexion a major boost of beautifying nutrients for radiant results.

How to Use

Apply a generous amount to dry face and neck, and allow formula to absorb into skin for 10–15 minutes. Gently wipe off any excess product. Use once or twice a week, depending on skin type and condition.

Water (aqua), Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Steric Acid, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Carthamus Tinctorius (Hybrid Safflower) Seed Oil, Propylene Glycol, PEG 6 Esters, Microcrystalline Wax (Cera Microcristallina), PEG 100 Stearate, Butylparaben, Carbomer, Disodium EDTA, Ethylparaben, Fragrance (parfum), Methylparaben, Phenoexthanol, Phenyl Trimethicone, Propylparaben, Triethanolamine.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Easy Moisturizing Mask

Simple no fuss moisture mask- applied in the evening thin layer then added another- left on for 20 minutes, simple to remove not messy- didn't scare my husband and skin felt super soft. Followed with chilled avene thermal spray - easy routine.

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Love Avene!

The weather and certain products can leave my skin very dry and tormented. When that happens I break this out for relief. Great for my skin!

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Great mask

With combination skin, I normally go for purifying masks, but with the change in seasons and too much rough treatment, but skin needed some extra moisturising. This was especially good as I don't like using oily moisturisers that stay on the skin, but because this washed off, no problem.

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Whipped cream for the face

This French formulation is not a "mask" that hardens or washes off, like we think of the word. You apply generously and it soaks in, and you just remove any residue left with a cotton ball.

It's creamy and very moisturizing. Smooths and softens the skin. A pleasant and mild consistency. Calming, not stimulating. Like all Avene products, nothing severe or pungent.

This "mask" might help hydrate mature or dry skin. Expect a little tiny tube; as with most skin care, the better the product, the smaller the size.

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Luxurious moisturizer!

Avene is the best thing to ever happen to my skin. This is definitely more of a winter moisturizer, but if you have dry skin it will work any time. Just layer some on your skin and let it do its thing. It leaves your skin as soft as a baby's behind. I always follow up with the mineral spray afterwards and it has helped a ton with my rosacea. Love it!

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I discovered Avene products about a year ago, THIS being the first one I used. I have a pretty darn good micodermabrasion machine at home that I use every week. When I am done, my skin is red and sensitive. I put this mask on, it is very luxurious, and leave on for about 15 minutes. It is not a mask that dries and flakes up, it stays moisturized and all the good stuff seeps into my skin. This Avene is very well known in France for it's healing water. I also use a few other products in the. This is a comforting, soothing line of skincare for sensitive skin. I love it, and am thrilled to see at BB!

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