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To treat eczema and dermatitis on adult skin, there’s also Skinfix’s Body Repair balm.

Skinfix Gentle Eczema Balm

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Here’s an un-fun fact: One in five newborns suffers from painful eczema outbreaks. Not cute. Luckily, this pediatrician- and dermatologist-tested balm is gentle enough for babies (which means your sensitive skin can handle it too). It’s loaded with soothing colloidal oatmeal and natural oils to treat very dry skin, and it’s free of worries—that means no BPA, parabens, soy, steroids, or phthalates, which can make eczema worse.

How to Use

Apply a small amount to dry, itchy, and red areas as needed throughout the day, and always after bathing.

Active Ingredient: Colloidal oatmeal 2%. Inactive Ingredients: allantoin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, beeswax, helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil, liquidambar orientalis (styrax), myroxylon balsumum (balsam tolu), paraffin wax, petrolatum, simmondisia chinensis
( jojoba) seed oil, styrax benzoin resin extract (benzoin), tocopherol, zinc oxide. Packaging is BPA free and recyclable.

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Just ok

I had an itch breakout and this didn't really help. I think the Rapid repair balm is better. Both have weird medicinal smells. This might be better for very mild eczema or itching

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Not quite as advertised

I suffer from occasional eczema on my hands and all though it "hydrates" my skin, I didn't find that it did a very good job of mitigating my outbreaks. Left hands greasy for some time after application. Being its safer than other OTC lotions and creams, I would have used it on my kids when they were younger, but I just need something to work.

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La la love it!

I bought this to use on my toddlers eczema after receiving a sample of the basic skinfix balm in March's box. I really like this brand and this eczema balm really helps to soothe my daughters skin. I slather this all over her body too soothe and heal the rash and then apply a basic petroleum product to seal in moisture and prevent the eczema balm from rubbing off. I have recommended this product to several friends with itchy skin. If you have sensitive or rash prone skin give this a try! Oh, also it smells unusual but it a good way.

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