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Before applying shadow, prep your lids with Smashbox’s 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer.

Smashbox Cosmetics On The Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette

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Birchbox Breakdown

Thanks to our smartphones, photo ops can happen anytime—whether we’re picnicking in the park on a sunny afternoon or eating cheese fries at 2 a.m. So we make sure we always look our best with this flattering shadow palette, which features 12 of Smashbox’s best-selling shades, from a neutral beige to a shimmery purple. The resulting collection is perfect for the selfie-inclined.

How to Use

Apply the medium shades all over your lids with a blending brush. Sweep the light shades over your brow bone to highlight. Blend the darker shades into your crease or use with a liner brush to accentuate your eyes.

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great gift

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law, and after seeing it in person I bought one for myself! Great colors, great pigmentation

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Great Jewel Tones

Colors are very pretty, but they do not wear as long as I would like. Even with a primer, they wore off after 2-3 hours. Will continue to use the product and experiment with different primers (?)

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Long lasting color

This palette is gorgeous! I've used about half of the colors already, and they really have staying power. (I fell asleep wearing it a couple times and the next day, while running errands with day old makeup on, I still got complimented on my eye makeup.) The green doesn't really show up too green, though, it's more of a green-tinted dark gray (haven't tried the blue or purple yet to see if it's the same). It comes with a booklet to show you how to achieve a few different looks, and the gold rush one is my new favorite. Very pleased!

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