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Keep straight locks sleek and smooth with Spornette’s Ion Fusion Paddle Brush.

Birchbox Breakdown

For three generations, the Sporn family has worked to stay on the cutting edge of hair care. Now, they’re offering an environmentally friendly brush that does a lot more than keep hair looking its best. Using materials from non-endangered trees, this brush supports ethical harvesting and conscious consumerism.

How it Works

Nylon bristles don’t hesitate to make their way through thorny hair scenarios. If you need it, the removable pick can help with particularly nasty gnarls and also with sectioning proper portions while styling. The ceramic barrel heats up in a hurry and its aerated design helps achieve maximum, even hair drying. A maple wood handle feels as soft and supple as your strands will.

How to Use

Use with a hairdryer for daily styling. Be as gentle on your hair as this brush is on the environment: Never brush sopping wet hair or you’ll risk breaking strands.

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