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After blowdrying, give hair a much-needed volume boost by teasing with Spornette's Little Wonder.

Spornette Porcupine Rounding Brush

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2.5" barrel

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Birchbox Breakdown

There are very few people who have mastered the art of blow drying with a round brush, which is why getting a professional blow out is such a treat. But we've been doing a happy dance ever since we discovered Spornette's Porcupine Rounder Brush, which helps us easily replicate blowouts at home. The brush's unique combo of nylon and porcupine bristles gently grips strands to make it easy to style, while also adding amazing shine.

How to Use

After washing and towel drying hair, section into four or five small buns around the crown and loosely secure with a clip. Leave the bottom layer loose. Next, pull the brush taut through the first layer of hair from roots to ends, following it with your blow dryer. Always make sure to point the nozzle downward to avoid frizz. Repeat steps for all sections until hair is dry and finish with a smoothing product like Oscar Blandi Olio di Jasmine Hair Serum.

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WOW volume

I have very thin and fine hair slightly below shoulder length and tend to do a 30 second upside-down blow dry with my hands just to walk out the door. I was hesitant to buy this because I was afraid it would frizz up/dry out my hair the way a too-hot flat iron can, but also didn't see myself adding 20 minutes to my morning routine to perfectly blow out my hair myself. I thought it would probably be a waste of money and add more clutter to my drawer. BOY WAS I WRONG

I am beyond thrilled with this brush. It takes me about 3 extra minutes to dry my hair and it is so shiny and smooth with body I have only ever seen from a professional blowout before this. The first time I tried this out before work even my clueless male boss asked if I had my hair done. I simply make a half pony and clip the top section up, then blow dry angled downwards (so the hairdryer is above my head) as I hold the hair taught with the brush and lightly roll the ends in a few sections. Then I let down the clipped top half and repeat in 3-4 sections around the top half with a little extra attention at the front and part area. Voila!!!

I can see this being a bit trickier and more work for those lucky gals with thicker locks, but for my thin hair sisters out there I highly recommend!!

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Great volume

I need to use this brush more often, but when I do use it, it seems to be hard to grab onto my thick hair and pull through when blow-drying. I typically use a larger-barrel round brush that has vent-holes in it, and it grabs my hair and i can pull it through to the ends (although it tangles sometimes, too). Maybe it's not the brush but just my hair...maybe I just need to use more detangler! :)

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A Good Curl

Love the wood handle and its strength. The big barrel gives me the dramatic straighten my curls defy...Easy to hold and handle. Need to buy a backup .

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Perfect for short hair

I like it but it's not for me. Since I have long hair it takes me forever to do the whole thing with this brush the only good thing is it dries my hair faster but the bad thing is you have to be careful because it'll make my hair frizzy at times.

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Awesome brush. A little overpriced but other than that I love the volume it gives me

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