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Your exhaustive present search is officially over: these classy scented candles are the perfect gift for a lucky pal or dinner party hostess. Aromatic and stylish, there are two woodsy scents Woodfire and Balsam and Cedar. Each is made with a 100 percent natural blend of soy and beeswax, and comes packaged in a gorgeous ceramic jar designed to keep the scent fresh.

How it Works

Woodfire’s opening notes of cedarwood combine with smoke accords, patchouli leaves, and vanilla to evoke chilly evenings spent cozying up to a warm fireplace. Balsam & Cedar is an earthy blend of balsam and oak moss notes, set off by aromatic cedarwood, cinnamon, and eucalyptus.

How to Use

Light the wick and let the scent take over. Don’t forget to blow out your candle before you leave the room!

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Not a huge fan

I actually received this candle as a gift, and I'm not a huge fan of the woodsy scent. Even though I'm not a fan I would just chalk it up to personal preference; I usually prefer a less pungent candle!

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This candle is AWESOME

Outside of having an awesome art deco design that looks really attracting sitting out on my coffee table, the Balsam & Cedar scented candle makes our home smell like Christmas, which is great because we have an artificial tree. Awesome product that I would definitely buy again and recommend to others, or buy as a hostess gift.

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