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Thanks to their heavyweight wax, these crayons can draw on just about anything. Calendars, workbenches, yard sale signs, treehouses… the list goes on and on.

Studio Skinky Playon Crayons

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Each Playon Crayon: 2.17" L x 1.3" Dia., Set of 12

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Birchbox Breakdown

Youth isn’t the only thing that’s wasted on the young. These stackable, stain-free crayons are nostalgia brought to life, giving even the classiest gent an excuse to get creative. Whether you use them with your child, or with child-like glee, these Technicolor treasures will inspire your inner artist—be he Michelangelo, or Matisse.

How to Use

Use these crayons to add a whimsical touch to your next barbecue or picnic, whether the guests are drinking juleps or juice boxes.

Paraffin Wax

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