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These complementary shadows are great for creating contoured looks.

Birchbox Breakdown

We’ve always dreamed of owning a shadow in every hue to match each outfit in our closets. Good thing we finally found this heavenly rainbow palette, complete with twenty-two wearable shades. Stila’s latest holiday offering comes in a deluxe-size compact and inspires endless looks — plus, it’s a $111 value! Now if only we could decide which shade to wear in the mornings…

How it Works

Each vibrant palette has a range of hues, from playful greens and blues to subtle beiges and browns. Play around to find your favorite shade, or mix and match to create a custom look.

How to Use

Use a wet brush to pick up a bold dose of color, or stick with a dry brush to apply a sheer wash of pigment on your lids.

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