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Love the healing effects of the NIA-114 molecule? It’s also found in Strivectin’s Tightening Neck Cream and their Get Even Dark Circle Corrector.

Birchbox Breakdown

Whether a result of aging, sun damage or acne scarring, hyperpigmentation is a perennial problem for women of all ages and ethnicities. Strivectin has answered the S.O.S. call with GetEven Spot Repair. Their patented NIA-114 molecule targets excess pigmentation, leaving skin even, bright, and more beautiful.

How it Works

Strivectin’s proprietary niacin molecule normalizes pigment transfer, repairs skin damage, and accelerates the effects of proven skin brighteners vitamin C and tyrosinase inhibitors. The happy result? Stubborn spots caused by age, sun, or acne scarring fade dramatically in only a few weeks.

How to Use

Turn the base of the pen to dispense a small amount on to your fingertip. Apply morning and night to affected areas.

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