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Editor's Tip Editor's Tip

If you’re inclined to take smaller sips, we recommend the 9-oz. size.

S'well 17 oz. Bottle

$35.00 Ships Free
17 oz.

Availability: In stock


Birchbox Breakdown

It’s high time you drank something other than soda. This sleek vessel is an incredible insulator for water or any beverage. Built from double-walled 18/18 stainless steel (non-toxic and BPA-free), it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours—or hot for 12—without condensation. It has a drip-free mouth just wide enough for ice cubes, and is vacuum-sealed for freshness. Like all S’well bottles, a portion of its proceeds will help the U.S. Fund for UNICEF provide clean drinking water to children around the world. And for each Wood Collection bottle sold, S’well will plant a tree with American Forests.

How to Use

This bottle’s 17-oz. size means you’ll rarely need to refill, yet can fit in a standard cup holder. Simply fill, swig, repeat—and clean regularly with warm, soapy water.

Double-walled Stainless Steel, Non-toxic, Non-leaching and BPA free

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

No Better Bottle

S'well Bottles really do keep your drinks cold--like, cold cold. Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone says that about their bottle, but there is something magical about these bottles. I live in Florida and often forget my water bottles in the car. Sometimes I'm desperate and will take a sip from water that is on the verge of boiling in it's own container. I am genuinely startled when drinking from one of these bad boys after having left it in the car. THE WATER IS STILL COLD. It's almost unsettling. Disclaimer--you shouldn't make a habit of leaving your water bottles just laying around but S'well lets me live life dangerously.

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Love it!

I have been really wanting to get one of these 24 hour cold bottles people talk about. I went with this brand (Swell) and I love it! It really does work and their company stands for great things! I also loved the design in Opal Marble that I chose.

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Great Water Bottle

Love this bottle to keep my water cold during errands. I live in a very hot area where temperatures are over 100° for months and hydrating is very important. Other bottles don't keep my water cold. This bottle fits in my purse and it looks great. Water stays nice and cold. I never leave home without it.

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Did not keep my drink cold at all

My first bottle did an amazing job at keeping my drink cold. It didn't matter if I kept it in the fridge a few hours or a few days, my drink was icy cold. Since I needed a bigger bottle for work, I bought the 17 oz. Maybe it is defective. My 17 oz bottle does not keep my drink cold at all. Even when it's been in the fridge for a few days it's still lukewarm. Very disappointed after spending all that money.

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Swell water bottle

Keeps water very cold for a long period of time
Easy to travel with
Many different options for color and size

Hard to add ice with the small opening

After hearing many good things about Swell water bottles, I wanted to check them out. I went on to their website and the first thing I noticed was the prices. For the turquoise 17oz water bottle that I wanted, it would cost 35 dollars. While I was skeptical about the cost I decided to continue with making the purchase and hope the money was well spent.
I got my package in the mail a couple of days later, and was impressed with the packaging. The bottle itself was in a large cardboard case branded by Swell and was put in the box it was shipped in. The color of the water bottle was very vibrant and came exactly how I expected it would. I used my bottle the next day for basketball practice. One of the things that was annoying to me is having to put in ice one piece at a time by hand, which was kind of time consuming but it’s not a deal breaker. Usually when I leave in the morning, I forget to pack a water and have to drink out of the water fountain which isn’t always very cold, but when using the Swell I was very happy to take a drink of cold water after my 90 minute practice.
Swell advertises two things with their water bottles. One, keeping you drink cold for a long time. And two, keeping your drink warm for a long period of time. While I can back up the fact that they keep drinks cold, I have not yet tried the bottle with any hot drinks, so I can’t tell you how well the bottle performs with that kind of drink.
I recommend this product to everyone, they have many colors and designs to choose from to satisfy anyone who buys one. While they have 3 different sizes in some of the bottles, 9oz, 17oz, and 25oz, I recommend the 17oz, it’s much easier to carry around and still holds a good amount of water. If you’re worried about pricing, I’m telling you that it is most definitely worth it. The water bottle, looks nice, is great quality, and lasts you a while.

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