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Pair this cleanser with TAY’S Purifying Botanical Water with Grapefruit Extract with for an extra deep clean.

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The twice-daily task of washing your face is a crucial step in any skincare regime, but most of us still rely on any old bottle or bar to get the job done. Up the cleansing ante with Tay’s revitalizing skin essential. This all-natural cleanser whisks away impurities, leaving skin fresh and balanced. The lightweight formula is laced with botanical extracts to keep skin hydrated and is gentle enough for even the most sensitive complexions.

How it Works

The soap-free formula removes dirt and excess oils without irritating sensitive skin, while organic sunflower seed oil restores moisture. Sunflower and grape botanical extracts work to fade discoloration while repairing signs of sun damage. Like all of Tay’s exceptional skin solutions, this wholesome cleanser is formulated with organic and all-natural ingredients.

How to Use

Pump a nickel-sized amount of cleanser into hands and massage gently all over damp skin, working into a thick lather. Rinse thoroughly.

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I think it's good. . .

This cleanser seems to do alright - I have had very clear skin since starting to use it 2 weeks ago, but it does not give you that really 'squeaky clean' feel. It actually almost feels as though it leaves a moisturizing residue - which, I suppose, could be a good thing for some people. I probably won't purchase this again, but it isn't a bad product.

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I felt like this cleanser didn't do anything for me. My skin did not feel clean afterward. Smells nice though.

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feels lovely, needs a second cleanse

I have been using this cleanser every morning, it has shea butter in it, and it feels like it - It's an uber moisturizing formula that does not suds up. I really like this, but I do feel like I need a second cleanse with bioderma after. I think its just the shea butter residue...I probably won't repurchase, I just love my emma hardie cleanser so much more its ridiculous. But I would highly recommend this product, and will enjoy using this while I have it!

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