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Round out your collection of beech wood tabletop accessories with Teroforma’s Avva Salt and Pepper Shakers.


Birchbox Breakdown

Created by New York designer Karl Zahn, this six-piece set of tools to tackle various snacks and hors d’oeuvres adheres to a minimalist aesthetic, but its form is certainly multifunctional. Influenced by Zahn’s studies in Denmark, the kit is a combination of Scandinavian ingenuity and uberpracticality—each hole, point, and angle serves a purpose. It’s made out of understated yet durable beech wood to complement any tabletop.

How it Works

Scoop features both a solid spoon and one with an integrated draining slot. Stab includes both a two-pronged fork and a single spear. Spread has both an angled and straight spreader. There are six utensils in total.

How to Use

The Scoop duo is perfect for anything that’s packed in liquid, such as olives or roasted red peppers, while Stab is ideal for skewering delicate meats like prosciutto or chunks of fruit and veggies. Spread has two functional ends that can handle both soft and hard cheeses, plus pates and tapenades.

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