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Round out your collection of beech wood tabletop accessories with Teroforma’s Avva Salt and Pepper Shakers.

Teroforma Scoop, Stab + Spread

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Set of 6; 7", 5.5" and 7.75" long

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Birchbox Breakdown

Created by New York designer Karl Zahn, this six-piece set of tools to tackle various snacks and hors d’oeuvres adheres to a minimalist aesthetic, but its form is certainly multifunctional. Influenced by Zahn’s studies in Denmark, the kit is a combination of Scandinavian ingenuity and uberpracticality—each hole, point, and angle serves a purpose. It’s made out of understated yet durable beech wood to complement any tabletop.

How to Use

Scoop features both a solid spoon and one with an integrated draining slot. Stab includes both a two-pronged fork and a single spear. Spread has both an angled and straight spreader. There are six utensils in total.

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